Homepage of Johannes Mierau — Teaching

Courses I offer in summer semester 2022:

Theoretical philosophy I

link to course material (on moodle UW/H)

Courses I have previously taught include:

Theoretical philosophy I

an introductory course on epistemology, metaphysics, philosophy of language, science and mind

Philosophy of chance

a seminar on different perspectives on chance in the philosophy of science

Critique of Pure Reason

a reading course of Kant's Critique of Pure Reason

Being and Nothingness

an introduction to Sartre's Being and Nothingness, and existence in contemporary analytic philosophy

Interpretation course: Basic texts on epistemology of the modern era

methodological course on reading techniques and text interpretation of philosophical writings in co-teaching with Tobias Häusler

Critical thinking and formal logic

lectures and tutorials on crititcal thinking and formal logic for philosophers

Argumentation theory

a tutorial on informal argumentation theory for students of practical philosophy

Introduction to game theory

basics of game theory for philosophy and economics students

Tutorial to thermodynamics and statistical mechanics

a tutorial class on exercises for a theoretical physics course on thermodynamics and statistical mechanics